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I clocked out at a company turn style the machine beeped as usual I proceeded to walk through the steel roller type turn style and was abruptly halted as the gate was locked. I asked the guard present at the security gate why the gate is locked he told me I must present myself for personal search just past the locked gate. I ask him to open the gate he says its open I proceed to walk through the gate as directed and again am brought to an abrupt stop by a locked turn style ,this time a little more painful than the first time. I ask the guard if he can unlock the gate again , he tells me again its open I didn't hear the mechanical electric lock unlock the gate and told him again it wasn't open he told me it was and wanted me to walk into it again. He clearly did not believe me so I pushed it twice with my foot, it stayed clearly fastened, the guard in the back yelled at me that that wasn't necessary,he was about 30 feet away and I had to talk in a raised voice and tell him the other guard told me it was unlocked even though at this point it was very evident that the gate was in fact still locked and preventing me from proceeding as directed by security to the personnel search I was required to submit to. I told him again if he would unlock the gate again ,this time I heard the electric mechanical lock release the turn style and proceeded to the search location as directed, no further complications or problems have a good night. My employer who is a contractor on this mine site where the security gate is was contacted by minesite and told I was not allowed on their minesite after this incident. My employer chose to dismiss me for not walking into the locked gate for the third time contrary to the company policy to maintain my safety and well being. Was i wrongfully dismissed
I have worked in the same nursing home for almost 15 years. Recently I have been fired. There was a resident in the home whom I became very good friends with. We spoke every day. This gentleman was 95 years old, however did not act a day over 70. He was very smart and very independent. He was taking the bus all over town 2 weeks before he died. He died when he fell and hit his head. After working the night shift one day, I found an envelope on my windshield from my friend. Not uncommon as he always wrote to me. At around 3 in the afternoon I opened up his letter. Attached was a cheque for $1000.00. The letter went on to say why he wanted me to have the money. Also, he had set up a bank appointment for me with instructions to deposit it into a tax free savings account. My appointment was less than a half an hour away. I knew the rules at work about accepting money, but I followed his instructions anyway. I felt pressured and I had not had sleep in almost 20 hours. I made a bad judgement call. When I left the bank, I decided there was no way I was going to keep his money. I was unable to get him his cheque as the bank holds it. I immediately wrote him a letter explaining why I had to return the money and I thanked him for thinking of me. His money and letter were in his possession within 2 days. I paid him cash because I he banks at the nursing home and I did not want a fellow employee seeing my name on a cheque. He understood. I received a beautiful card in return from the resident saying that he understood why I had to return the money. After he died his daughter provided my place of employment with a copy of the cheque i opened the tax free savings account with. I was questioned about this and explained everything. I provided them with the letter I wrote to him and showed them the card he gave to me. I did not keep any money. I knew I had made a mistake at first, but I felt good knowing I corrected it immediately. However my employer claims that I did except the money and despite the evidence that i did not, I have been fired. I did not report this incident to them because I didn't keep any money. I think perhaps a suspension would have been appropriate considering my bad judgement call, but I dont think I should have been fired for rectifying the situation. I was even called into the police station where I showed them the card I received from the resident clearly stating he received his money. My employer says it was a big cover up but they are mistaken. Should I hire a lawyer for wrongful dismissal?
I am off on sick leave after a motorcycle accident sept 2017... my boss has been rude to me since being off in feb she asked for a update from my family doctor that I provided a month in a half later she was asking for a update on that form my doctor said there is no return to work date listed my injuries and that I am worsening then she sent me a email early may I never revived then she sent another a couple weeks later the fri before the long weekend in may asking for the form t be filled out and returned by the tues after the long weekend that was impossible to do made a appt with my doctor that wed when I was able to get a appt my doctor was upset that she was asking for another form I have called to see if the form is filled out as of right now it has not I get a email this week from her asking where the form was I explained I was waiting for my doctor to complete it no response back from her instead I get a letter by a delivery person I had to sign for saying if she does not recive the form by June 22 she will take this as me resigning my job I was only there 3 weeks before my accident but did work for another division of my company for almost 2 years for starting with this new division... she was calling me asking me when is your doctor appts you should be getting better by now then say well don’t you know if you are getting better my doctor had advised my to stop answering her phone calls as she was putting a lot is stress on me and only talk to her by email.... what should I do
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