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I've been with my employer for almost five years now. I have always been given very high appraisals and each year I have received 90-100% of my performance pay. A year ago I applied for another position within the company as it was a new technology and I wanted to learn it to be more valuable to my employer. I was given an interview with the manager of that group right away and he told me he was extremely excited to get someone of my knowledge and talents applying for his team. He suggested I would be hired and trained to do the job right away. He also said there was lots of work on the team.
I was hired, given a pay increase and sent for training within the first six months. Right after the training I asked to be assigned a team member to help me with hands-on training, real experience to solidify what the training showed me. I was told to ask the other team members if I could observe them and while several agreed they later told me they were either too busy or it wasn’t a good time to show me.
I was then asked to help other teams with their work. I agreed to help them but quickly learned I was being directed to assume a position within this other team. I questioned my manager who denied I was being moved off my original team. The other team insisted I was being moved to their team permanently which my manager denied.
Then about a month later I was told there wasn't enough work on my original team, the team I had eagerly joined six months earlier and was assured there was plenty of work. My manager said I would have to learn two more skillsets I knew nothing about in order to be able to work on these other teams.
Just recently during my mid-year review my manager whom I always had a great relationship with told me I was expected to be helping the other teams ASAP and if I wasn’t performing by end of year or earlier I could be dismissed.
I my previous roles during the first four years I was described by all levels of management as a model employee and someone others should look up to.
I feel something is up and I could be targeted for a constructive dismissal. Is this what is happening to me and could you give me some advice on how to procede?

My name is David Vaughan and I am an employment lawyer with Samfiru Tumarkin. While this could amount to a constructive dismissal, we would need to discuss in more detail to offer more certainty. Please contact our firm to discuss the matter in more detail and determine how we can assist you.
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