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i noticed that my job was posted on a job post web site without my knowledge that I was being considered for dismissal. The job description was hidden under an abstruse and elusive name for the company that I work for.
The job posting was brought to my attention by someone who was aware of this information. As I read further, I happen to notice that the job posting consisted of a 'verbatim' description of a requested job description that I was aked to hand in under the premise that we were going to review and adjust my growing responsibilities that were beginning to overwhelm me. I was under the impression that this was going to work out in my favour. I submitted this document that I created from my personal computer the day before I left for a pre-booked unpaid vacation to Cuba. I booked this in February.

Upon my return, coincidentally I was struck with a severe salmonella bacteria infection and was off for the following week upon the direction of my doctor because it is very contagious and I had a very severe case. I brought in all of the requested medical documents for my return to work requested by HR.
After I saw the posting, I questioned HR who denied it and only after she realized that I knew what I was talking about, she back tracked and admitted that there was one and expressed concerns about my attendance and surmised that it was stressed related and perhaps that was why I was absent. Is this something that I should worry about?

You don't have control over the situation if the employer is planning to replace you and let you go. I suggest that you continue to perform your job duties the best you can and, should you need time off for health reasons, make sure you submit the supporting medical documentation to the employer. If and when you receive a termination letter, we can help you find out what you are owed and recommend the course of action that best suits your circumstances. Should you prefer to discuss the situation further at this time, please contact us at the number below to be connected with one of our lawyers.
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