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I am a single mom with no support from biological father of my child. Also I’m an immigrant.
Since August 2015 I was with Hudson’s Bay Company (almost 4 years).

On May 4 (Saturday) to my big surprise I was called by security and one of the floor managers for a conversation. No HR was presented.
During 4 years with the company I showed great results and loyalty to the company. I never missed shifts and was always on time.
I was blamed on significant violation of the Company’s Code of Business Conduct. They told me I want to make money out of the Bay processing refunds improperly. They do it that way at all the Bays. They told me I was doing that starting October 2018. However, I haven’t got any verbal or written warnings prior to May 4 2019. Also I was asked if I ever took money from the register or sell cosmetic items to my friends or somewhere. First I thought it is a joke as I’m aware of cameras at the store.
They told me that head office will be dealing with this matter and I was promised to get a call on Monday May 6 or Tuesday May 7. Instead of that I just received a letter of Termination for cause from GM of the store where I worked. HR from our HR never contacted me.
They put me in a huge stress and depression, especially considering me being a single mom.
To my understanding the company just have this terminate practice to leave theirs employees without severance package.

it is very difficult to terminate an employee for cause and you may be entitled to a severance package. Please contact us at the number below for a consultation with a lawyer to discuss your situation and options moving forward.
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