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I work as an independent contractor for an agency who have me a contract for 4 years as a social worker in a Retirement Home. My contract would have been completed in May 2019. In January 2019 there was less work, less residents and suddenly I was questioned what I do there. This is after 3 1/2 yrs working there. Rude comments were made to me. I reported it to my agency who tried to initiate a mtg between her and me and the Retirement Home. Two hrs before the mtg it was cancelled. That same day at noon I was asked to leave immediately. No reasons were given to me for the sudden dismissal. I was told I would get a call within 2 days to let me know the reasons. This was end of March and so far I have not heard any reasons.
I was wondering if I would be entitled to receive payment for the two months until my contract was officially over?
I worked for the Retirement Home 3x per week and had a 2 yr contract and then it was extended to another 2 yrs. there is no termination clause mentioned in my existing g contract.
I feel I was dismissed for no reasons, other than they had less residents and not enough work. It was not based on my performance or credibility.

It very well could be the case that you are entitled to compensation for the duration of the contract. However, one of our employment lawyers would need to review the contract and discuss the matter further with you. Please contact the number below so we can further assess your case.
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