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I work two jobs a weekday and a weekend job I’m in first three months but am worried I may get fired from my weekend job. I get no prior notice of shifts until I’m texted the night before telling me I have to come in I explain I’m working my other job and can’t always be available if I’m not given notice if I’m let go am I still entitled to pay

Thanks for your question. If your employment is terminated within the first three months and you signed an employment agreement that contains a 3-month probation clause, there is a possibility that you are not owed working notice or payment in lieu thereof. However, such an agreement should be reviewed by a lawyer for certainty because they are often unenforceable. If there is no written employment agreement or if what you signed is invalid, you can use our Ontario Severance Calculator (linked at the top of the page) to determine how much you could be owed. You can also give us a call at the number below to speak to a lawyer about your situation in more detail. If your employment is terminated, it is important to seek legal advice before signing anything.
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