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My boss just fired me because he said that he had gotten a complaint from a customer saying that they thought they could smell weed when they walked past my yard car. This happened on a Thursday and my boss didn't say anything to me at all until 12am Monday morning and told me that because that customer thinks he could smell it that day and my boss seems to think I smelt like weed that day that he is going to have to fire me because it's a health and safety concern. I even told him that I wasn't smoking weed at work and I wouldn't smoke weed at work but he still told me not to come in today. Can he legally fire me just because someone said they thought they could smell weed I do smoke it but not at work and I work outside at a scrap yard so the smell could have came from anywhere

This likely does not amount to cause for dismissal, and as such you should be entitled to notice or payment in lieu of your termination. You should speak with a lawyer to discover your entitlements.
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