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I was fired after I made a mistake on the debit machine in regard to charging someone less than what I was supposed to, by mistake. I was told 3 times about the mistake I had been making which I ended up explaining to my boss that it had been due to the previous machine that I was so used to. We fixed the issue and I accidentally made a fatal mistake that ended up costing me my job. I have severe anxiety disorder and mild depression, which my boss had been informed of on multiple occasions. My severe anxiety disorder often causes me to have issues where I often forget what I have done due to high-stress situations. In addition, I had offered to pay for the mistakes that I had made and my boss had refused my efforts to make up for my mistakes. He fired me over the phone after I had finished my shift out of nowhere. Am I entitled to severance? What should I do in this situation?


Thank you for your question. If you are terminated from your employment, you are generally entitled to a severance package. One of the exceptions is if you were terminated for cause. It seems as if your employer has terminated you for cause. One way to confirm this is by seeing whether you have been paid following your termination, and by reviewing your Record of Employment. Based on the factors you have outlined, it is likely that the termination of your employment should not have been terminated for cause. In order to better assess this, we would require more information with respect to the mistakes that were made, the warnings given, and the discipline undertaken by your employer. We highly advise that you contact a member of our team to learn more about your entitlements and the process to receive them.
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