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Hey, I am a children’s Pastor (I fall under clergy so I am aware that I can’t claim certain rights like other jobs) and am pregnant. A few weeks ago my my job (part-time ) terminated my contract and gave me 10 weeks of notice of this terminator. This is my first position ever in this type of job, was never given any evaluations - annual or 6 months, oral or written warnings and no real chance to give my side of the situation. They expressed they were unhappy with my work when they terminated me but did not give me a chance to grow and change the behaviour they did not like. I have worked there for aprox year and a half and experienced high amounts of stress and family crisis during part of this time at this job. Non of what they were happy with could not of been resolved with training or proper guidance to allow me to meet their standards. I have given them notice of my mat leave which will start sooner than the termination date and my husband also works at the same church. I’m not sure what my rights are or if this could be considered wrongful dismissal but I wanted to gather as much information before I start my mat leave (nov 3).

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