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I have been laid off this week from my job I've been working at for a year and a half without notice and was given an ROE. reasoning behind lay off written on the ROE is "shortage of work" but no one else was laid off. I was also paid my vacation pay on my ROE and was not offered severance pay. this was a day before I started my school for my apprenticeship I started through my job. Have I been wrongfully dismissed?

My name is David Vaughan and I am an employment lawyer with Samfiru Tumarkin. If your employer will not be calling you back to work (i.e. the layoff is permanent), then you should receive severance pay. Further, even if your employer plans to call you back to work, this would still be a termination entitling you to severance pay, unless you agreed to accept layoffs as part of your contract. Please contact our firm to discuss the matter in more detail and determine how we can assist you recover a fair severance package.
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