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In unjust termination cases in federally regulated workplaces what would be a fair amount of compensation? My title was operations manager for FedEx my yearly salary was 56,000. It says I was fired for misconduct however unemployment found in my favour. We are in a mediation stage right now and they are trying to offer me $8000.
I was a manager but only by title not by actual duties. I am also trying to seek overtime monies owing but not sure how to prove it as I did not punch in and out. I can’t afford a lawyer or I would have hired one.

If you don't have an enforceable termination clause in your employment agreement, your severance entitlements would be governed by common law. To get an estimate of your potential common law severance entitlements, I have copied for you below a link to our severance pay calculator. However, I highly recommend you consult with one of our employment lawyers so we can more thoroughly review your case with you, as each case is unique based on its own set of facts.
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