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I have worked the same job as a restaurant server for almost 12 years and the same shifts for 8. they recently hired a new manager who wants to serve as well as manage. she has scheduled herself my shift and says that's how it will be now the boss above her said that's how it will be too. I was not given any notice this would happen and it constitutes a 10% pay cut and a demotion in position . now they are saying only every second week but still this is likely a $2000 a year pay cut and still a demotion. what are my rights in this situation. I have no contract but have full time benefits and this will drop me to about 50 hours every two weeks. mostly its the embarrassment of being demoted after 8 years and no problems.

This may amount to constructive dismissal of your employment, I would recommend reviewing your entitlements on the Severance Calculator and contacting our office to arrange a consultation on your matter.
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