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I am working in a financial institution for number of years, recently under investigation for transferring some points to a 3rd party loyalty program to my personal account. Employer tracked my IP address for last two years when i log-in my own bank account. The IP address from online banking matches with the IP address when i registered loyalty program. The monetary damage to employer is less than $500 CAD. Can my employer use personal info provided by 3rd party program provider (name, address, email and IP address) to accuse me in this case?

Thank you for your question. If you misappropriated points that belonged to the company, it could justify the termination of your employment for cause, depending on the circumstances. We would need to receive more details and context from you in order to assess the situation and provide you with comprehensive legal advice. I suggest that you call the number below in order to provide us with additional information and schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers in Vancouver.
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