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I was recently fired for posting something I made at work that wasn’t offensive to anyone it was never brought up till recently it happened 2 months ago but someone decided to get me in trouble for it now I have worked there for 2 years and never even got a warning for it. I over heard other people do something similar and they got a warning also but I didn’t just wondering what to do and if I should have gotten fired for it

The employer has the right to fire you at any time and does not need a reason to do so. However, the employer has an obligation to provide you with severance or pay in lieu of notice when the termination is effective immediately.

In your case the issue is how much severance you are owed based on your length of service, age and type of job you held, and whether you were offered adequate severance, assuming you were offered something.

Employers can withhold severance only in extreme circumstances and it’s not clear from your description what the nature of the alleged ‘offence’ is and whether it fits in one of these ‘extreme circumstances’ that would disentitle you from severance. We need more particulars from you so don’t hesitate to contact us at the number below to discuss the matter further.
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