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I had to file for FMLA due to four years of bullying and harassment that is causing me extreme health issues. They are saying I have to include documentation of the CMS95 but my doctor recommended to them I be off three months not longterm so why should I need that? Also they have been making me call in daily to report my absences and are not processing my FMLA docs waiting on that one form from my doctor and refuse to let me use my accrued comp time and vacation for this unpaid FMLA. It is obvious I am being constructively discharged I work for the State of IL IDES and the union and labor board are doing little to nothing to help me, as the Governor and management are also not. I cannot find a large and good Employment Law firm in Illinois to help me and need someone who will work on contingency as I am a twice widowed mother with a son, with no help and no savings. Would you answer my questions and refer me to someone who would help me? I am not sure if I should file for short term disability as if I do and it is due to work, they make you file a worker's comp claim which then takes you off the payroll and takes away your right to sue them!!!! This is going on in all branches of government, as I have worked in county, state and federal and so has my sister (30 years) and it has happened to both of us. It is going on all over the world, all over the USA and getting worse! I wrote my undergrad thesis on the subject and used Dr Gary Namie's research. He and his wife are experts in the field in Seattle Wa. All employment lawyers need to come together worldwide to cover every country and start filing massive lawsuits for lots of money or this will never end!!! They are ruining people's lives and killing people by stealing their livelihood and ability to earn money and pay their bills and feed their children!!!! It is a HUMAN RIGHTS CRISIS!!! We must have laws with severe consequences and hold all accountable now that have been doing this!!! They fear exposure, they fear loss of money, they fear loss of the many, many, many assets, they fear loss of their own jobs, these are the things you should focus on going after if you want to stop the behavior!!!!
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