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I started working for a company in 2004 as an administrative assistant. In 2008 I was on a sick leave for major surgery, and was informed that the Executive Assistant/Office Manager had resigned. When I returned to work within the next few days I was informed that I would be filling that roll until a suitable candidate was hired. Everything had been going well as far as I knew because no issues were ever brought to my attention. However approx 6 months ago an HR Director was hired and her an I had an issue. She accused me of bullying a coworker and said she had brought it to my bosses attention. I asked her what grounds she had based it on considering she never brought met with me to get my side of the situation. I stated that I never bullied the coworker and asked to meet with my boss who is the Executive Director. He refused to meet with her and I to resolve the issue. She continue to harass me and started taking responsibilities away from me and hired herself an assistant to do the work. I presented a harassment claim against her to my boss and he refused to investigate it or present it to her. When I said you are leaving me no choice but to go to the board of directors he threatened me saying "I strongly advice you not to do that do you hear me?" I was sccared to get fired so I didnt. She quit a few weeks later. Due to his lack of respect for me and not protecting me from harrassment things got pretty cold between us. In July of this year I had knee surgery and was off for 6 weeks. The day I returned I was informed that I was to empty my office and return to my old desk as the Administrative Assistant. That I was no longer the Acting Executive Assistant/Office Manager. Or the supervisor to the two staff I had supervised for 10 years. I asked why my responsibilities were being taken from me before a suitable Executive Assistant/Office Manager was hired and my boss said because of your illnesses...if you arent hear you cant do your job. I suffer from weekly headaches/migraines and stomach issues. During those 10 years my health issues were the only thing that were brought to my attention. Like everyone else in the office I was told I had flexible hours but since the incident with the HR Directir he started to give me a hard time about not arriving until 9am when my the office opens at 830. I said I have always had flexible hours and he said well I want you to start working at 830 or I want a medical note stating you require flexible hours, which I provided to him. So when I was told the job was being taken from me I was shocked. My new supervisors has been very belittling to myself and another girl on my department. Constantly making us call her every time we leave for lunch and get back. Telling us people we think are our friends that they arent because they are back stabbing us. And that we are at the bottom of the wage grid and we need to respect everyone else because they are above us. And that she is allowed to treat us different than everyone else in the office and we dont get the same privileges as the other 20 staff in the office. She screamed at us in front of everyone at the main reception desk last week stating it doesn't take two people at the front desk. I responded saying I was on my lunch break and I had just come out of the washroom. Tgat zi event feeling well and needed to go home. So she yelled and just said then leave. I cant handle the stress any more it is causing me to be depressed and more migraines. I am on a two week stress leave. I emailed my boss asking if he we could meet for a private meeting and he said no not without your supervisor, whi I forgot to mention is now acting as the HR Director. So I withdrew my meeting request. I dont know what else to do and I cant handle it anymore. I am 50 years old and was hoping to work there another 5 years until I retire. Sorry this is so long.
I received a letter of Termination on Monday, September 12th, 2018 via email indicating that due to a continued pattern of ineffective behaviours and attitude That have proven to be detrimental to the company and staff. I had been harrassed by a team member and spoke with her and followed up in writing. The owner did not assist. In May I was informed that my position was to be posted on Indeed as it was easier to fill for a 6 maternity leave. My position was Admistrative Assistant/Receptionist which I held for 14 months. I begged to keep my position however I was told to suck it up. Then more and more responsibilities were put on me. The mat leave was to start in July. I was afraid to lose my job. I agreed to take the Mat leave position as Files Coordinator. The owners met with me about me having no confidence etc. Then I was told they had a new plan to leave me in my position and hire an Intake Person to cover the mat leave. Harrassment grew with File Coordinator including stalking off and off the premises. I had to seek medical attention due to stress which grew in July. My doctor increased my BP medication. The one owner said to come to her at any time as the 2 owners worked from home. Almost daily was a situation regarding my job and my personal time with the File Coordinator. The 1 owner encouraged me and coached me on how to deal with each situation and said not to let her get away with then. I was called the go to person. The owner wanted to to update her how the office was running, were staff on time, were they getting their work done. In the meantime I was becoming very anxious and having panic attacks. The 1 owner suggested documenting everything as documents were disappointing from my desk, my personal cabinets were being ransacked etc. I was encouraged to bring all of this to a team meeting for conflict resolution. I sent my agenda topics . The meeting was held without me due to vacation. I had met with the files Coordinator a 2nd time with a staff member to witness. Upon returning from vacation the owner who had been assisting me conducted a meeting over the phone faulting me for communicating directing with the File Coordinator. I explained how I was been stalked and micromanaged. She suggested I leave things in the past and be the bigger person. At this point I emailed both of them saying I was becoming afraid due to the actions of the other party and more concerned as she denied everything or claimed she didn't remember. My email was not acknowledged. Last weekend my anxiety took over and I said I did not feel safe around the other party and would talk to the Ministry of Labour and would be seeing my doctor. I then received the termination notice. I was also informed by the other party only young people would be hired. This was around the time I showed hesitation around my position being taken away. I know this is long. I'm sorry.
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