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I was getting harassed at my work for a while.. started with humiliating rumours, my every move being watched ect... I told my supervisor at least 10 times but nother ever got done about it so after a while I just tried to ignore it and went along with my work. Well then it turned into violence. Threatening to get punched in the face, kicked, doors kicked st me and obviously I had enough.. but I was smart and every time she did something I kept a log with what happened on what date and who my witnesses were. Ended up having 8 pages full so I went to my hr, gave him the logs, and demanded something get done this time before I ended up getting seriously hurt. We had a chat and adviced me I should go to the police because he could only deal with what’s happening at work.. so I did and and the police went to her place and got threatened with being charged and jail time... then the police asked me why hasn’t your hr done anything about it that this is serious stuff.. I said I don’t no she she asked for his number so she could talk to him.. well they talked, and my hr took it as I went to the police on him instead of the person harassing me, but when I was actually just taking his advice. The police wanted to no why, I didn’t even mention it to them. That’s when the tables turned. Oh and when I got the door kicked at me it was all caught on camra, my hr informed me and the police that the cameras were fake.. to find out later that they are not, they do work, is was caught on camra but my hr earased that day so I wouldn’t have any proof because after that day he made work very hard on me. After making a meeting with him to talk about this camra situation, I asked to have a third party in the room because after lying once already I wanted someone there in case something happened. My hr then denied me having another person there, dragged me into his office, got inches in my face scream at me that I’m the one making false accusations and if I didn’t get out of his office that very second that he was calling the police on me. For being scared of loosing my job because I can’t even afford to lose missing 1 day to make ends meet I left. But I did have another person in the room with me when he told me the cameras were fake so I do have proof of that. So when he had to do this investigation for he violence.. he basically made his own answers up. Never asked me any questions and pinned it all on me calling me 100% bullshitter and telling me that he’s not going to do anything about my problems. And then actually gave me 8 pages full of physicists and told me to pick one to go see... so after all this harassment I ended up getting out on depression pills.. and then tells my supervisor tthat in the end I’m the one that’s going to get fired because it’s easier to fire me, then to solve my problems.. I just couldn’t take this kind of stress anymore and I got up and left... I’m already getting threatened to be fired, and I have epilepsy and emotions, stressed, being frustrated were the number one triggers for my seizures, I couldn’t handle this anymore, my health is more important... is this a reasonable constructive dismissal lawsuit? I’ve never been in this kind of situation and I just don’t no what to do! But I don’t want anyone else having to go threw what I did and want to make them pay for it. How much will it cost to bring them to court? I can barley make my bill these days, do I have any more options on what I can do? Where do I even start?

This sounds very concerning and like a constructive dismissal scenario. This is a matter we cannot provide advice on through this online system. I would highly recommend that you contact our office to schedule a consult with one of our employment lawyers so we can more thoroughly assess your matter and determine your best course of action.
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