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Is this a wrongful dismissal of work because the last time we spoke you said that you were going to have me sign something say that you spoke to me coached me and then you're going to send that back into them but then you were gone out of the office for 3 days and then I came in on the weekend and I was sent home nothing on my computer is working sing out only be paid for 3 hours not 7 or whatever without even getting really trying to improve myself the show that I can do better after being coached by you so I kind of feel like you should have waited when you got back to the office had me sign that paper then send it in to them but you told me you already talked to them and told them that you coached me which is not what you told me you're going to do I didn't even know you were going to speak to them as of yet and hadn't signed anything saying that you coached me I just started on February 28th 2019 and because my work partner up with a client that's tightening up on their quality I think just started implementing this within a couple weeks before I was getting the most sales and everything was fine they were so happy to have me they wanted me to keep pushing the cell so the client wanted to sign a longer contract with them so I kept getting more sales of just like everybody else and the client wanted quality so I was briefed about it coach told what to do and I didn't even get to implement that will I did but the tape that they pulled was before I was coached on specific things by supervisor

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